Attractions to Visit in Zimbabwe: 13 Best Places for Tourists

Are you a traveler, tourist, or a camp lover? Then join us for a more significant discussion for the best places to visit in Zimbabwe. With the advent of the coronavirus pandemic, many travelers were left grounded in their homes. However, this did not stop many from preparing for life after covid19. Experience of travel and recreation in Africa.

  1. Chilojo Cliffs

Standing tall and proud in the heart of the expansive Gonarezhou, the Chilojo cliffs are a fantastic feature. A product of timeless denudation processes, the cliffs gives observers a rare inert satisfaction. A general view of the surrounding land is offered, with a mesmerizing sight that is eye capturing. If you ever think of visiting Africa, Chilojo Cliffs are just a good starting point, if you are a traveler looking for tourist attractions to visit in Zimbabwe.

  1. Victoria Falls

Known by locals as Mo Sia Tunya, which translates to the Storm that thunders, Victoria Falls is a must-visit. As a hub of recreation, Victoria Falls is rich in activity diversity. Tourists can take part in bungee jumping, abseiling, go for boat cruises, whiter water rafting, and river skiing. With a tourist flow exceeding 2 million yearly, it is one of the main channels of national revenue for Zimbabwe. With a mighty rumbling, the falls beckon as it stands alongside the mighty Zambezi River. The Mo Sia Tunya Falls represent beauty defined as a valuable gem that is of value to two twin countries. It deserves the first place in your travel guide.

  1. Lake Kariba

Another feature that conjoins the twin countries of Zimbabwe and Zambia, Kariba dam represents engineering excellence. The lake claims the first place globally in terms of size and dimensions. Being an icon of engineering marvels, it is a humanmade attraction feature.  Kariba is rich in biodiversity, with invaluable varieties of bird species, game, and aquatic life. Vying with Caborra Bassa in terms of tourist attraction, it deserves a place in your travel book. You can enjoy a variety of recreational activities, from game viewing, boat excursions, fishing tours, and various others.

Moreover, you can enjoy valuable time with sunrises and sunsets experiences. So if you are thinking of visiting the two marvelous countries of Zimbabwe and Zambia, do not forget to visit Kariba as well.  Come and spent some time in a boathouse at Kariba, one of the best tourist attractions to visit in Zimbabwe.

  1. Kadoma

Kadoma is a product of massive mineral exploitation. Rich in gold, copper, and nickel deposits, it is an alluring place for those who love mining. Located 1 hour 30 minutes from the capital, Harare, it claims its place at the heart of Zimbabwe. The area is also associated with the cultivation of the precious cotton crop. There is a lot of cotton industries that you may visit in the area. Its buildings tell a story of colonial history. Kadoma’s population is around 100 000. It has an aesthetic value which is just fascinating. If you are a lover of historical cities, then consider visiting Kadoma

  1. Gonarezhou National Park

Located in the SouthEastern area of Zimbabwe, Gonarezhou is famous for its elephant population. Its area is approximately 5000 to 6000. Massive lovely rocks outline its landscapes ad it has a rugged terrain. Gonarezhou boasts of high concentrations of buffaloes, zebras, impalas, and other large mammals. Interestingly, it also boasts of king cheetahs and other predators. The area is supplied with water by three big perennial rivers, Save, Runde, and Mwenezi. There is adequate water for all animals. It is just rich in biodiversity. If you want to witness amazing sites, you can visit pools, where birds and animals gather in large numbers.

Moreover, this forest is regarded as sacrosanct by the locals. They respect it, and it has a log traditional history. So if you are a lover of traditions, it is just the place to visit.

  1. Matusadona National Park

Standing side by side with Lake Kariba, Matusadona represents Zimbabwe’s colonial history. Independent Zimbabwe acquired the park after the war of liberation. The reservoir houses valuable populations of buffaloes and elephants. It remains a virgin to any human usage. Matusadona is partly watered by Lake Kariba, whose shores form large tracts of wildlife grazing lands. It is just rich in biodiversity. If you ever decide to come to Zimbabwe or Zambia, then you need to add this area to your travel guide book.

  1. Mana Pools National Park

In Shona, Mana is a numerical value standing for 4. Mana pools refer to 4 pools found along the Zambezi Escarpment, which are the Main, Chine, Long, and Chisambuk pools. Mana Pools is a wildlife conservation area. The area lies along with two other regions, the Sapi and Chewore Safari Areas. The mighty Zambezi River feeds the lakes. It is rich in wildlife, with large populations of elephants, duikers, and zebras, among others. Mana pools are an area for retreat and rest. You can visit the area for game viewing and birdwatching. During the wet summers, the area will have multiple water holes. Its biotic life abounds in large concentrations. The pools, led by the Long pools, are rich in aquatic life with crocodiles and hippos.

As a visitor, you can just view large herbivores, from zebras to buffaloes. You can view animals dipping, cooling themselves, and bathing. You can see zebra or elephant and occasionally a lion or a cheetah. Moreover, you can trek animals into the heart of forests on both sides of the Zambezi. If you decide to come to Zimbabwe, Mana is one of the marvelous tourist attractions to visit in Zimbabwe.

  1. Chinhoyi Caves

Standing on the banks of Manyame River, Chinhoyi town is another area to visit. Located approximately 1-hour drive from Harare, Chinhoyi is a representation of traditional Zimbabwe. Its main attraction center is the Chinhoyi Caves, which attract thousands of tourists each year. The caves are located approximately a ten-minute drive from the town. The caves are primarily limestone, with massive underground channels, stalagmites, and stalactites. The most fantastic feature is the blue pool, whose history has a lot of mysteries.

The locals call this cobalt blue water pool, Chirorodziva meaning, the pool of the fallen heroes. It is a place where many traditional rituals are done.  For the whites, the pool was first seen by Frederick Selous, one of the explorers who visited precolonial Zimbabwe. Chirorodziva is very famous for divers. The most considerable depth reached so far by divers is 50m, a level which they claim, still has a clear water vision.

Tourists can take part in caravan expeditions, picnics, camping, and other exciting activities. If you are to visit Zimbabwe, this traditional country is one area that should feature in your travel book.

  1. Mutirikwi National Park

Famous for its largest humanmade inland water reservoir after Tokwe Mukosi, in Zimbabwe, the wildlife reservoir is just fantastic. This reservoir is a retreat park sitting on approximately 16900 hectares, half of which form the grand Kyle dam. Its history dates back to 1960. If you visit the area, you will have an uninterrupted view of the might Great Zimbabwe monuments. It is home to more than 29 wildlife species. These include buffaloes, rhinos, bucks, duikers, kudus, zebras, and giraffes. If you decide to visit Great Zimbabwe, just take time to pass b Mutirikwi as well.

  1. Hwange National Park

One of the largest wildlife reservoirs is Hwange, in Zimbabwe. The area lies between the country’s second city, Bulawayo, and the majestic Mo Sia Tunya Falls. Rainfall in this area is minimal, and thus it’s not suitable for agriculture. The climate is a direct result of the Kalahari climatic conditions. Its vegetation has brand marks of desert features, for example, the Zambezi teak. It is one of the primarily visited areas in Zimbabwe.

Also, Hwange boasts of over 110 wildlife species. Of these, over 25 are herbivores, and over 10 are big carnivores. Its bird population boasts of over 450 species. Its history dates back to 1928. If you wish to see large concentrations of hyenas and gemsboks, then add Hwange to your travel book.

  1. Nyanga National Park

The highveld of Zimbabwe is not to be left behind in incredible features. Standing 1.8km above sea level, it boasts of abundant colossal hills made of dolomite. Some say this area stands on the roof of the country. The area has got a cold climate. Its vegetation is primarily msasa and cypress. In terms of animals, it boasts rarely seen Old World Samango monkeys. It is also rich in leopards and lions. Its history tells a story of much mystery and wonders. It is a beautiful place to retreat to.   Nyanga is undoubtedly one of the great tourist attractions to visit in Zimbabwe.

  1. Matobo National Park

Having gone to Matobo 2 times in his life, the writer is still amazed at the beauty that the area depicts. A land of mysteries and unexplained histories, Matobo is just a place to visit. The area is located to the south of Bulawayo, with a unique shape of a cross. It has been popular since time immemorial, with significant figures like Mzilikazi and colonialists kike Cecil J Rhodes demanding to be buried there. The history of the Khoi Khoi and the San are indelibly inked in animal blood in the Matobo caves. Nswatugi cave is one such cave with beautiful rock paintings.

Furthermore, Matobo is also famous for its photogenic geological scenery. The Matobo area is rich in outstanding loveable inselbergs, tors castle kopjes, whalebacks, and balancing rocks. It was named one of the few worldviews that Zimbabwe boasts of. Traditionalists also visit the area. Its main areas of interest include the majestic Mabweadziva, Malindidzimu, Matonjeni, and Njelele shrines. It is an excellent area for hiking, bird viewing, gaming, game viewing, and camping. Its biodiversity is abundant, ranging from crawling organisms to flying eagles, predators to herbivores. Of the eagles, one-third of the world species, are present in the area. Aquatic life abounds in its rivers. Beautiful lodges and campsites are just there for tourists and domestic visitors.

  1. Great Zimbabwe

I consider this one of the best areas to visit. It is from this area that the country got its name from. These ruins are the second-largest ancient relics of all times in the world. Built during the 11th century, Great Zimbabwe has stood the test of time. Zimbabwe is a Shona term for a big house of stone. It is indeed a historical giant, a marvel, and a masterpiece of medieval engineering talent.

Moreover, built with no mortar or cement, the granite rocks at Great Zimbabwe were fit together as no mason can ever do. The area is located on the outskirts of the historical Masvingo city, the first town to e set in Zimbabwe, which was a one of contention between Lobengula and C.J Rhodes. Its archeological history is a relic of all times. It is the oldest ruin in Southern Africa. If you are an archeologist, historian, or just a tourist, then consider having a go at Great Zimbabwe, and you will never regret it.

Last remarks.

This article is a follow up to another one on the best places to visit in Africa. Africa is a rich continent that boasts of great beauty and magnificent scenery. If you are a tourist, traveler, student, or just anyone with interest, after covid19, consider visiting and witnessing the grandeur that Africa boasts of. We have detailed 13 best tourist attractions to visit in Zimbabwe for now. A follow-up article on Namibia is on the way.

By Michael P M Mhlanga

Mhlanga Michael is a young teacher, researcher and writer from Mkoba 14, Gweru in Zimbabwe. Born in 1995, he completed his undergraduate studies in 2018. Mhlanga Michael is an author of note, with 8 books to his name and numerous articles. For reviews, collaborations and other work-related info, you can contact him or +263785265866

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