Rain softly poured down and the wind blew softly, sending a chill through the air. I couldn’t fathom the reasons behind this recent surge in violence, but the number of murder cases was increasing by the minute. The chief of police summoned me in the middle of the night once again, informing me of another grisly discovery.

“Morning,” the chief greeted me tersely. “It’s been a tough day, detective, and this is now the third case.” I nodded grimly, my eyes scanning the room for any clues. “Over the past few weeks, we’ve had a total of 37 cases,” I added, my voice heavy with concern. The chief handed me a file. “I think this is the work of one person,” he said, his gaze fixed on the photos within the folder. “Take a look.”

As I flicked through the pictures, my heart sank. On each victim’s forehead, the word “Wendy” was written in blood. The weapons used in each murder varied, leading me to believe that the cases were unrelated. But now, staring at these photos, I couldn’t deny the sinister connection they shared. A sudden commotion outside broke our concentration. Black cars appeared like shadows, surrounding the area. Panic surged within me, but I maintained an outward calmness. The last car parked in front of me, and the mayor, my older brother, stepped out.

“Detective Martin, what’s the meaning of this?” he barked, towering over me, his presence authoritative. “Hey Steven, you don’t have to call me by my full name,” I replied, unable to resist teasing him. The weight of his expectations added undue pressure to an already dire situation. “Matt, we’re dealing with something important here. Can we forget about the family for a moment and focus on business?” he retorted impatiently.

Silence hung in the air as I grappled with my emotions and the ultimatum that awaited me. Since last month, our city had become a hotbed for murder, and my role as a detective was to investigate the initial three cases. Now, that number had skyrocketed to thirty-seven, and none had been resolved. “If you don’t solve this case within the next four weeks…” he trailed off deliberately. “I’m sorry, brother, but I’ll be forced to strip you of your position.”

My breath caught in my throat, panic swelling within me. Yet I maintained the facade of a man unaffected, wearing a blank expression as I absorbed the weight of his words. “Tomorrow, at my house, there’ll be a press conference. Be there, and mom wants to have dinner with us,” he continued, injecting a touch of warmth into his voice. He offered a light fist bump before retreating to his car. After the body was transported to the lab, I trudged back home, my mind swirling with questions.

Wendy was typically a girl’s name, but the victims seemed like easy targets for a woman of strength. Perhaps Wendy was a man, but that only deepened the enigma. Why would Wendy resort to such extreme measures, methodically killing these people? I concluded that it was time for me to conduct some interviews, to delve into the lives of these victims, hoping to uncover a clue that would guide me through this labyrinth of darkness.

The chapter ends

Watch out for my next chapter to be released on Sunday the 2nd of July 2023 at 20:00hrs

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