The intellectual fundamentals of every society align with its knowledge base. A society’s internal and external pace in terms of progress rides on the waves of its academic endeavors. The value and ethos of education, are engraved in the ideals and principles that we, as people embrace.  This writer believes in the sanctity of a society’s knowledge base, the knowledge that empowers.

Knowledge is the determinant of the standing of a society concerning its human and natural environment.  The legality of a community’s claims for a place in the global terrain depends on its knowledge base. It is, therefore, upon this ideology that we delve a little bit deeper into the murky pools of the academic ground. The idea is to have a basic understanding of knowledge that empowers.  We wish to fish out the values of the educational terrain concerning the human elements that depend upon such a pool.

Mind Manipulation

As recent graduates, the inert stimuli that kindle our love for education grew, for many of us, from a poor background. This stimulus further strengthens from our exposure and interaction with other people from the so-called “elite society.” Many of us are individuals hailing from a society embroiled in the pains of a complicated and hard life. We traverse the academic terrains with a unique purpose of bringing back to our communities, that which they crave for, the knowledge that empowers. We see in education, a new ideology of how society is controlled and manipulated. Throughout our academic journey, we realize the inebriety of the uneducated soul. A soul that is easily manipulated sometimes to the detriment of the society.

What inspires us is our craving for an enlightened learner so that our communities do not fall prey to intellectual conmen and encourages them to venture into the world and explore its prospects. It is our affection for learning that push us this far. The same yearning forces us to go further to unravel more obscurities in education. We desire to see a changed society and the young people therein. It is in our dreams to achieve that which our community craves for, the knowledge that empowers.

Mind delicacy

The human mind is such a delicate element that can suffer easy manipulation. This manipulation can be of benefit to the individual and society. This element, if timeously and adequately harnessed, is a tool that can make the community move. The nation will drive with unprecedented speedy through the valleys of economic success, social and political growth. Each field, as presented by the human mind, in the academic terrain, provides a permanent link to the chain of societal success.

Moreover, the economic and political gurus are not products of the magnetic aroma that might seem to surround them. They are products of the small elements gathered together. Their managers, accountants,  secretaries, receptionists, drivers, cooks, cleaners, builders, bankers, and guards make them who they are. In short, an individual might seem to be uneducated personally, but he or she depends on the intellects who surround him. Therefore, this academic field is a permanent element of society’s progress. It is our wish to see our communities attaining that which they crave for, the knowledge that empowers.

A delinquent society

Many individuals who are released by institutions of knowledge in our society lack practical experience. They are sometimes devoid of the appropriate academic skills that qualify them to act in a highly competitive environment. Learners present evidence of volatility and fragility of the human mind. Mind manipulation may benefit society if harnessed. However, it can also be of detriment to the individual. Sadly learners with the ability to succeed in life for the better have been neglected by teachers. It is a sad reality that many educators are more concerned with getting their salaries. They are into coaching learners only to pass but not to know with a Cram, Pass, and Forget mantra.

The education systems of many communities have inadvertently helped to create a delinquent culture. Individuals with abundant book knowledge but deficient in the realities of everyday life. Individuals who have limited exposure and focus more on bench and desk education. Learners of today lack the essential explorative stimuli. Hence our societies lack what they crave for, the knowledge that empowers.

Intellectual shortcomings

When we look at our societies, feel the pains of a sad soul. We see people whose intellectual faculties are devoid of knowledge. There are People whose reasoning drowns in the ideals of hand to mouth consumption. There are visions of youths moving in a helter-skelter fashion with no valuable resource of their own. In our ghetto towns, we witness pools in the middle of the road.

Moreover, there are gullies where there should be settlements. Derelict buildings, decaying infrastructure, and economic gloom abound. Hence our societies need an intellectual remedy to acquire that which they crave for, the knowledge that empowers.

A new mindset

Recently, the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education in Zimbabwe revised the curriculum.  This curriculum vies with the Ministry’s initiative of supporting Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics subjects at Advanced level. They forgot, though, that the individual mindsets change with behavior, not with the curriculum.

Nation-building is for intellects, think-tanks, owners of knowledge, and academic authorities. Being skillful in a vocational subject such as agriculture or woodwork is not enough.  Skill can be null and void if the individual lacks the proper mindset and will, which comes with intellect. That is why nations suffer for long because they believe more in being literate only and being skillful in vocational areas. The communities are ignorant of the need to create wealth for themselves and their societies. Thus understanding STEM is their prerogative, but it’s not enough.

There is a need for a community with such knowledge, as will be competitive on the international academic market. Societies should rise and claim their theoretical terrains in this global village. Some cultures still believe in medievalism and archaic knowledge systems. There is a need for modernity in society.   Society should be aware of the fact that skills without a will are devoid of knowledge. In the same way will, without talent, is devoid of ability.

A view into the future from the present

Therefore,  when we conduct self-analysis, we should see ourselves as academically able individuals. Individual qualities need enhancement by further education and appropriately tapped for the betterment of society. The economic, political, and social scenario that underpins our community should push us. We should forge ahead in academia. Our nations crave for education and enlightenment. Therefore, you should act as a catalyst that speeds up the necessary change the community needs.

We must liberate the minds from the shackles of deprivation and the pools of solitudes that embroil our societies. We have the mandate to realign the intellects of our community. Realign in such a way that no coercion makes them stooges of the powerful elite. We should become creators of wealth and participants in the global and local arena. There is an adage in my mother language that says, which say “New things come with by travel.” Let us bring back new things to societies. Let us be the change that society craves to have. We will bring that which society yearns for, the knowledge that empowers.


By Michael P M Mhlanga

Mhlanga Michael is a young teacher, researcher and writer from Mkoba 14, Gweru in Zimbabwe. Born in 1995, he completed his undergraduate studies in 2018. Mhlanga Michael is an author of note, with 8 books to his name and numerous articles. For reviews, collaborations and other work-related info, you can contact him or +263785265866

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